"Yoga is about doing what you can do...
with what you have...
where you are."


A harmonious garden setting under a thatched lapa, on two sides of Nature Reserve. The bird calls become the music that lifts your soul as you come out of relaxation at the end of class. An atmosphere suitable for the sacred practice of Yoga.

This Sanctuary is dedicated to Yoga, where a feeling of peace and tranquility has been created for its practice.

Come and discover your inner peace.


Here at the Yoga Sanctuary we offer a variety of classes to suit your needs.
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This sacred place started as a drawing on a piece of paper, a vision I had while driving back from a yoga lesson. I started dreaming up this space at the bottom of my garden. Over 2 years my husband and I worked week end after week end, I learned how to turn a dream into reality.

This centre for Yoga and Meditation alone. The teachers have all been drawn to the space and can infuse each lesson with their own interpretation of what they feel Yoga means to them.

​I sincerly believe that Yoga is for everyone, not just the skinny ethnic "tie yourself in knots types". So for those of you that believe yoga is not your thing please come and try a class. This centre is tolerant of all faiths and traditions. 

 The teachings of "One Truth Paths many" firmly stands in this Yoga Centre. We learn from each other, and respect each others methods with tolerance and open minded enquiry.


At the Yoga Sanctuary we have an inviting group of instructors who put their hearts and minds into their classes. We as teachers have all trained in different places in various methods, yet yogic philosophy together with true alignment provide our common vision.

Tracy Collyer

Founder member

Early in my life, dance was my focus...

Tanya Brauteseth

Shivananda Teacher

Coming from a more sports orientated background...

Angela Pieterse


I have practiced Yoga for the past 14 years...

Debbie Thornwood


I started my yoga journey 23 years ago...

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